Debt recovery

Have you provided goods or services to a person or company and not received payment? Have you issued reminder notices and received no response? Phillips Taglieri can help you reach a settlement. If this is not possible, our lawyers can take your debt recovery claim to court. It is not generally worth taking a debt of less than $10,000 to court due to legal costs. Your debt recovery case will stand its best chance if you keep full records relating to the debt.


Building disputes

If your builder has provided a substandard service, Phillips Taglieri can help you resolve the matter. Our lawyers also help building contractors, suppliers and consultants who have not been paid on time or in full. Whether your dispute relates to a residential or large commercial build, we can help resolve problems related to: cost overruns, construction defects, works schedules, building quotes, failure to meet building or material specifications, and other building issues.


Contract disputes

Phillips Taglieri helps individuals and  corporations with contract disputes. A contract may not be valid if it is based on a mistake, if its terms are misleading, or if someone persuaded you to sign based on incorrect information. If you agreed to sign because someone threatened you, or took advantage of you, this may also mean the contract is not valid.


Insurance disputes

Has your insurance claim been rejected or not paid in full? Phillips Taglieri acts for individuals and insurance companies involved in insurance disputes, claims and litigation. Our lawyers can help with issues relating to policy indemnity and coverage. If you have suffered injury, the death of a loved one, or property damage, our expert legal help can ease the burden. We can guide you through an insurer’s internal dispute-resolution process, or help you lodge a dispute with the Financial Services Ombudsman. If necessary, we will take your claim to court.


Lease disputes

Our lawyers are experienced in assisting tenants and landlords to resolve commercial lease disputes. Whether your dispute relates to a shopping centre, warehouse or office, Phillips Taglieri can help you reach a solution through settlement or litigation, and so minimise the impact on your business.


Property and conveyancing disputes

Talk to our lawyers for expert advice on disputes relating to issues such as finance and valuation, purchase transactions, boundaries, and disagreements between developers and government authorities. Phillips Taglieri acts for owners, investors, lenders, franchisers and acquiring authorities. Whether your dispute concerns licensing, town planning, sub-division, or a body corporate, we can help you work on a settlement or take your case to court if needs be.


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