15 May 2020

Solicitor v Conveyancer: What’s the difference?

Do you know that Phillips Taglieri can provide competitively priced conveyancing services?

Phillips Taglieri prides itself on being one of Tasmania’s leading litigation law firms, but we also provide conveyancing and related services to our clients.

Some people believe that they will get better value for money from a licenced conveyancer rather than a solicitor. Phillips Taglieri is able to provide competitive rates for conveyancing.

Licenced conveyancers provide a similar service to that provided by solicitors. However if a dispute arises between the parties to a transaction or the transaction becomes unexpectedly complex then a lawyer will likely need to be engaged. Phillips Taglieri has practitioners skilled in resolving the most complex conveyancing matters when they take a turn for the worst. We are often instructed by conveyancers to deal with complex legal matters conveyancers are not able to address. Keeping this work in house saves our clients money.

When we asked our Paralegal, Melanie Upton, about the most common pitfall she deals with Mel explained:

“I often get clients come to me who have signed a contract without first getting legal advice. This contract has usually been shown to the client by a real estate agent who has impressed upon them the urgency of signing on the dotted line. It only takes a client a few minutes to provide us a draft contract and we can provide some simple advice on whether the contract is appropriate for their circumstances. For a small amount we can even do a title search to warn them of any issues. Getting advice in advance saves significant time later on when we undertake further checks that might reveal problems with the property such as illegal building works”.

We always recommend that legal advice be sought before signing a contract for the purchase or sale of a property.

Feel free to speak to Melanie or Renato about how we can help you with your conveyancing.


Renato Grassi was first admitted to the legal profession in 1974. He is one of Hobart’s most experienced commercial lawyers and has been with Phillips Taglieri for 19 years. 

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