What is a privacy policy?

The Personal Information Protection Act 2004 requires us to have in place procedures that cover the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we may hold about you.

In this policy we will tell you –

  1. why we collect your information;
  2. the parties to whom we may disclose your information;
  3. what happens if you choose not to provide us with requested information;
  4. how you can request the information we hold about you.

Of course, as solicitors, we are also subject to professional obligations that govern the manner in which we deal with personal information we may hold about you.


Why do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information about you for the purpose of providing legal services.

Depending on the type of matter in which we act, we can require varying levels of information.  For example, in a personal injuries claim we will require extensive personal information including details of age, earnings, health and so on.  In a commercial matter however, we may not require any of that type of information.


What if you do not want to provide information we request? 

We only ask for information that is necessary for us to properly represent you and obtain the best possible legal result.

If you do not provide us with requested information, we may not be able to properly represent you and the outcome in your matter may be affected.  You may also be in breach of your obligations under any Costs Agreement signed by you with us, the consequences of which are outlined in the Costs Agreement itself.


Will we disclose your personal information? 

At times it is necessary for us to disclose your personal information to other persons.

Such other persons may include –

  1. Experts we employ to prepare reports for your matter;
  2. Solicitors representing other persons in your matter;
  3. Other persons in your matter (such as defendants);
  4. Mediators and arbitrators who may be involved in your matter;
  5. Courts, tribunals, commissions and their officers;
  6. Government departments.

This list is not exhaustive.

We only disclose your personal information as and when it is necessary to further your matter.


How do you request access to your personal information held by us? 

You can request access to the personal information we hold about you by speaking to the solicitor responsible for your matter.  In some circumstances we do not have to provide you with the information you request.

If you require access to your personal information, we request that you make that request in writing and give us full details of what you would like to know or see.


Who to contact for more information?

 Please direct any inquiries to the solicitor responsible for your matter.

      Contact details –






Ph:    6222 6333

Fax:  6223 6631