11 March 2020

Workers Compensation: A Minefield?

Phillips Taglieri is often contacted by injured workers seeking help navigating the Tasmanian workers compensation system. For us, workers compensation is “bread and butter” work.

In a recent case example, a large workers compensation insurer took legal action to terminate their requirement to pay a worker his entitlements under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988. 

The matter was brought on for hearing before the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal. The worker was self-represented and the insurer was represented by a large Hobart firm. During the course of the hearing a complex legal issue arose. The hearing was adjourned for the insurer to provide further evidence.

While the matter was adjourned the worker sought Phillips Taglieri’s assistance. We were pleased to help!

Ultimately, the worker was successful before the Tribunal and he will continue to receive his workers compensation entitlements. The unsuccessful insurer will pay the worker’s legal costs of defending the matter.

This case example demonstrates the importance of seeking legal advice when things get tough.

The Tasmanian workers compensation system was supposed to be “user friendly” for workers, however, history has shown that competent legal advice is crucial to success in this jurisdiction.




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